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Microbiological Testing

  • Antimicrobial effectiveness testing
  • Microbial examination of non sterile products
  • Sterility test
  • Antibiotic potency test
  • Bioburden test
  • Preservative efficacy
  • Total plate count
  • Test for specific micro-organisms
  • Bacterial Endotoxins Test as per LAL/Gel clot method
  • Allergens like Gluten, Beta lactoglobulin by ELISA
  • Mycotoxins by ELISA
  • Microbial assays
  • Chemical disinfectant testing and cleaning studies
  • Microbial identification by 16s/18s r RNA sequencing
  • Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC)

Analytical Chemistry

• High performance liquid chromatography
• Gas chromatography
• Ion exchange chromatography
• Column chromatography
• Thin layer chromatography

Immunology Testing

• Antigen- antibody testing by ELISA
• Double Immunodiffusion
• RH Typing of Blood sample
• Radial Immunodiffusion
• WIDAL Test
• Rocket Immuno Electrophoresis
• Counter current electrophoresis
• Gel diffusion techniques
• Agglutination Reactions
• Rapid Plasma Reagin Test (RPR)
• Raising of polyclonal antibodies
• Monoclonal antibody production

Cell Culture Testing

• Cell line revival, cryopreservation, and maintenance.
• Cell count by TALI cytometer, MTT assay and adherent studies.
• Anti cancerous Study / Toxicity Study
• Enteric Virus Detection
• Cell line study for new molecule

Environmental Testing

• Drinking Water Testing
• Surface Water Testing
• Waste Water Testing
• Industrial Hygiene Analysis
• Indoor Air Quality Testing
• Ambient Air Testing
• Chemical testing
• Environmental monitoring
• Microbioological testing

Protein Analysis

• Enzyme Assay
 Screening of purified cultures for Enzyme activity.
 Extraction & Fermentation of crude enzyme
 Precipitation of enzyme
 Characterization of Purified Enzyme
Total protein estimation
I.Bradfords Method.
II.Lowrys Method.
 Enzyme Assay
 Screening of purified cultures for Enzyme activity.

• Protein concentration
 Kjeldahl method
 UV- Visible spectroscopy method.
• Protein separation
 Dialysis
 Ion exchange chromatography
 Electrophoresis

Molecular Biology Testing/Training

• Bacterial & fungal DNA/RNA isolation
• Genomic DNA isolation form plant sources
• Agarose gel electrophoresis
• Purification of DNA
• Extration and purification of plasmid DNA
• Transformation & blue white screening

Pharma Testing

• BET Test
• Microboiological assays
• Microbiological Limit Test
• Analytical Method Development
• Water Testing
• Phytochemical testings

BT cotton Testing

• BT cotton testing for Cry1Ac/Cry1Ab by ELISA method
The Bt-Cry1Ab/1Ac ELISA is used as an analytical tool for quantitative laboratory screening of presence or absence of Bt-Cry1Ab/1Ac proteins in leaves, seedlings and seeds of transgenic crop variety

Phytochemical Testing

• Extraction of phytochemicals from plant extracts
• Qualitative & Quantitative Estimation of Phytochemicals
• Isolation and characterization by HPLC & TLC
• Antimicrobial activity of herbal formulations
• MIC of formulations